Oh, Yeah!

Illustrated by Ethan Long

Could you stay out all night in the dark even if there were spiders dangling over your head . . .
and snakes slithering around your feet . . .
and giant twenty-foot crocidiles crawling out of the fishpond . . . and A BIG, HAIRY, KID-EATING MONSTER on the prowl? Would you tell them just to go away? OH YEAH?

In this rollicking tale about the creatures that might lurk in the night, two boys with very big imaginations prove they are so brave, so cool, they can face even . . . Wait, did you hear a noise in the bushes?

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"Children who enjoy a good scare will delight in the imaginary critters that crowd the pages in increasing numbers . . . illustrations bursting with energy . . . a good choice for one-on-one or group sharing. Oh yeah!" - School Library Journal

"Well told . . . children will be amused." - The Horn Book

"Exceptional!!!!" - Public News Service

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Through your local bookseller, or on-line at:

Hardcover: Holiday House, NY - ISBN 0-8234-1649-6

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When I was a kid I loved to campout, even if only in the backyard. There was nothing like setting up the tent with a neighborhood friend, snuggling down in our cozy sleeping bags with TONS of junkfood, and happily munching ourselves into sugar-saturated oblivion.

Happily munching, that is, until the night we heard a strange sound outside the tent. "WHAT WAS THAT?" Imaginations fueled by too many horror movies, we rocketed into full blown panic, sure there was a big, hairy, kid-eating monster about to gobble us up. "Yikes! Run for your life!" We blasted out of the tent, dashing for the safety of my house . . . only to discover it was my dog, Frisky, that had been snuffling around the tent.

"I wasn't scared," we told each other.


Remembering the good old days of backyard camping, I just had to try to get the experience on paper. What came out of it was OH YEAH!

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From The Story

One time my friend Jared and I camped out in the backyard.

"You're afraid of the dark," Jared said to me.

"Oh yeah?" I said.

Even though big, hairy, kid-eating monsters only come out at night, I turned off my flashlight. "I could stay out here all night in the dark!"

But Jared looked me right in the eye and said, "Oh yeah? I could stay out here all night in the dark even if . . . there were SPIDERS DANGLING OVER MY HEAD!"