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A fantastic opportunity came

10/23/09 — A fantastic opportunity came up this week — a chance to climb a huge rock spire called the Monkey Face in Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon. Since I’m having shoulder surgery on Monday and will not be able to climb for at least six weeks, I jumped on the opportunity to squeeze this in. Especially since I’ve been wanting to climb it for years. My friend Tom Pleeger and I drove over the pass late Wednesday after work, camped at Skull Hollow (nicer than it sounds), then went for it Thursday morning.

The Monkey Face. We climbed the left side through the V notch, up into the "mouth," then out over the airy void and on to the top.

Tom P. climbing as I belay from above.

On the summit!

Today I’m tired and a bit sore, but working away on REVENGE OF THE MUTANT UNDERWEAR. I’ll need to work this weekend, too, to make up for the missed writing time, but it was absolutely, positively worth it!