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A Giant Idea

I woke up on Sunday morning with a picture book idea that I have not been able to shake. (If I can shake it, then I figure it’s probably not worth pursuing. If it insists in staying in my mind, then there must be something there.)

This morning I had an exploratory go at it, and to my surprise found that the protagonist, an unemployed giant (so little ransacking and pillaging work out there in this economy) who has been forced to take a temp job as an office assistant, began making reference to classic picture books.

My first thought was: “Shut up, big guy, I’m in charge here. Pay attention to the dim-witted duck building a nest on the ledge outside your window!” But then I realized that I liked the giant’s intertextual bent. So I’m embracing it, at least for now.

The giant is pleased (well, as much as a giant can be pleased while huddled over a tiny keyboard — he can’t seem to hit “P” no matter how hard he tries). He wants to allude to many titles — a sort of homage, as giants love picture books — but told me that he is a bit unsure which to include. He wants my advice, which I guess puts me back in charge of the story again? Or not. It could be a giant ploy. Regardless, research is in full swing.