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A Special Calling

Literature takes many forms, and feeds the reader in a wide variety of ways. But there is one category, I feel, that rises above the rest. Not because it’s “better,” but because the stories are written for the most impressionable and important of audiences — kids.

Those who choose to write for kids feel a special calling. On July 16 a new class of committed wordsmiths  —  the Revisionaries — graduated from the Master of Fine Arts program in Writing for Children and Young Adults at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Their last residency was online instead of on campus in lovely Montpelier, but the accomplishment is not virtual, it’s real. Through countless hours of hard work, they have earned the right to call themselves writers. Overflowing congratulations to:

Erin Becker, Renee Burke, Lily Choi, Rachel Feld-Reichner, Rachel Gambiza, Elizabeth Hooks, Robin Korb, Emma Kress, Jesaka Long, Debra Markee, Karla Moyer, Fran Nadel, Erin McArthur Nuttall, Denny Partridge, Maud Macrory Powell, Kessa Shipley, Anne-Marie Strohman, Erin Calabio Summerill, Amanda Vacharat, Lakita Wilson, Elisa Zied.