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As will often happen with

1/29/10 — As will often happen with writing — as well as many other things in life — I hit a snag. STORM MOUNTAIN will not go in the mail today. It’s taking more time than planned to get all the details and wording just the way I want them. Thankfully, my editor is very understanding, and is encouraging me to: "Take the time you need to do it right! (And take some time off to enjoy the weekend!)" There you have someone who truly understands the writing process. And the need to step away from it, too.

Which I will be doing this weekend. We’re headed up to Odell Lake to stay in a mountain cabin. Yesterday the doctor gave me the go-ahead to ski again (rotator cuff surgery in late October), so I am pumped to get back on the slopes!

There will be plenty of down time in front of the wood stove, too, though, so I’ll take STORM MOUNTAIN back to the mountains again and keep working on it.