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Back in Oregon again. (Thanks

10/19/09 — Back in Oregon again. (Thanks to all the great folks in Missouri that made my recent trip so much fun). Here in the Northwest I was greeted by beautiful fall colors; witness the maple tree in our front yard. That combined with cool temps and dramatically angled light make this one of my favorite seasons.

Not that I dread winter! In fact, I love it. Can’t wait to get skis on snow!

In the meantime, I’ve cleared my desk, and now look forward to uninterrupted writing time for the next three weeks.

Actually, not completely uninterrupted. I’m having surgery on my shoulder on Monday, Oct. 26. But they’ve assured me I’ll be able to ease my arm out of the sling and type soon after. So I should be back at it on the . . . 27th? Keeping my fingers crossed!