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Below is a photo of my office.

4/10/07 — Below is a photo of my office. I post it because I believe that where a person writes matters. For me, that means a space where I can organize all of my notes, have plenty of light, the equipment I need (gotta have my Mac), and privacy so I can think without being interrupted. Given all of those things, I’m much more likely to do my best work.

Does that mean I can’t write otherwise? Or you can’t? Nope. I’ve written in hotel rooms, on a porch, in the backyard, airports, even at 35,000 feet in the middle seat with a screaming baby directly behind me. And you can write in less-than-ideal locations, too.

But, if you can, try to create a spot that is all yours and set aside just for writing. That could be as small and simple as a lapboard and a pencil while you sit up in bed. Or as grand as a castle in Scotland with a moat to keep out distractions. I’ll keep to my little office.