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10/9/10 –– Thursday night I took part in the "Nightcapper" event at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association trade show. Over twenty authors of all stripes — children’s, adult, fiction, non-fiction — sat at tables from 8:30-10:00 PM and signed books for booksellers. My featured title was STORM MOUNTAIN. Interest seemed keen, with lots of positive comments.

Since today is Saturday, I kept my writing session light — an hour or so.  My aim is to at least work enough that the characters and action and voice stay fresh in my aging mind. Makes it easier to keep the story ball rolling. Tomorrow I’ll visit Cody and his REVENGE OF THE MUTANT UNDERWEAR friends again for a bit, then dive back in full-tilt on Monday.

Gonna’ play, too, of course — a family pumpkin hunt this afternoon, then jack-o-lantern carving tonight.