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Dancing in the Park – Beijing, China

I’m on the other side of the world doing school visits at the Western Academy of Beijing and still not completely on the right time zone. In order to clear my head and try to get the lead out of my legs, I went for an urban run this afternoon. At first it did no good, too much traffic and exhaust and general chaos. Until I stumbled onto a park. A quick left and the world changed. Gritty mayhem gave way to soccer, ping pong, calisthenics, and inline skating. But the activity that brought me to a halt with a smile on my face was the dancers, each in their own world, each with their own style, each moving independently and yet together. A calm sense of bliss unified the choreography. It was golden. I took the cue and lightened my step, upped the rhytthm of my feet on the path. I have no idea what personal back story brought those dancers to the park, but like a good book they inspired me.


Wishing you inspiration and lightness of step.