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Done with school visits for 2007

11/25/07 — Done with school visits for 2007, I’ve turned my full attention back to STORM MOUNTAIN. This past Monday, after a particularly long day of writing, I got up from my desk feeling very sore, especially in my hips, which have been bothering me ever since I ran the Portland Marathon in October. That evening I happened upon an article in Runner’s World magazine that suggested working standing up as a possible cure for hip pain. I rigged a temporary set-up at my desk using a cooler, a couple of plastic bins, and some bricks, then gave it a try.

So far I like it! Sitting all day leaves me sore, standing all day doesn’t. Weird, I know, but not without precedent. Ernest Hemingway worked standing up, as did Winston Churchill, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, Thomas Jefferson, Fernando Pessoa, George Sand, and Virginia Woolf. Not sure about my productivity. Early data suggests I’ve upped the ante.

Too bad it took me twenty-six years of writing to give it a go. Old habits die hard.