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Fleet Feet Tweet # 2

Fleet Feet Tweets: Tweets that have bunny-hopped to my blog for those who don’t do Twitter. They are listed here in chronological order for this week. Previous week’s tweets (fun to say: “weeks’s tweets”) are in blog post below. The intention is to offer a journal of the creative process, as I try to write my first YA novel. If you are a Twitterite, follow me at @TomBirdseye.

This morning I am thinking about form as a moving target. The right form for the beginning of my story may not be the best by the end? Hmm.

This afternoon I am still thinking about the form of my novel. This is going to take some creative incubation. I’ll keep my notepad ready.

Family gathering in the Cascades this weekend. Very creative crew. Some people lose energy for a story if they talk about it. Not me.

Editorial brain vs creative brain? Or is it editorial brain feeds creative brain? Can’t keep them separate. It’s two, two, two lobes in one!

I love verbs. I’d nominate a few for an Oscar — Best Verb Ever! — but it would probably go to their head, and they’d conjugate at will.

It is a relief when research backs the premise of the story. It may be fiction, but it has to ring true. Whew!

Fracture Lines is going to be a hard story to write. “Hard” meaning gut wrenching. I’m taking this as a good sign, but may regret it later.

I’m working on a scene that takes place in the mountains in winter. Here in the valley it is snowing today. How’s that for synchronicity?

First scene is there, but very rough. Still experimenting with point of view and voice. Find it, and I’ll have sand under my tires. Maybe.

Just when I’m on a roll with the new novel, along comes the need to revise the already submitted manuscript. One? The other? Both? Hmm . . .