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Had a great weekend with

2/1/10 — Had a great weekend with family in the mountains. (Me and the girls below). Also got back on skis for the first time since my shoulder surgery. At first I was a bit tentative, but after a few runs I opened it up and skied fast again. Flying over the snow, I was reminded of why I love skiing so much. What a fantastic sensation!

In the evening we played games and talked and laughed, and checked out Mark’s new electronic book, the Kindle. With its growing popularity, and the release of the Apple’s iPad, the way we read seems headed toward significant change. Personally, I love the feel of an old-fashioned book in my hands, but believe there is room for multiple ways to experience a story.

Speaking of stories, I’ll finish this final rewrite (?) of STORM MOUNTAIN tomorrow and sent it back to New York. Yay!