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I’m back from the writer’s gathering

4/7/08 — I’m back from the writer’s gathering. You know you’re with a group of committed wordsmiths when you can have a three hour discussion about the use of flashbacks in a story and everyone thinks it’s intensely interesting. Most people would nod off within minutes, but not this group!

All was not business, though. We made time for whale watching. Gray whales are making their annual trek north after spending the winter in Mexico. On this particular day we saw at least six not far off shore. Amazing creatures.

I made good progress on STORM MOUNTAIN, too. Nothing like being surrounded by hardworking pros to get the juices going.

Ultimately, though, I have to sit back down and go it alone. Comes with the territory. I guess that’s why knowing that others are out there doing the same thing is so important. Keep in touch!