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I’m back in Oregon and thawed out from

2/12/07 — I’m back in Oregon and thawed out from my trip to New York City. The cold in the Big Apple was intense, with wind chills in the minus 20F range. A couple of times during the week I lost the feeling in my fingers and toes.

Still, the overall experience was fantastic. The people I met with in the publishing world (pretty much wall-to-wall appointments every day) are as fine a bunch as you’ll find anywhere. Warm, hospitable, and enthusiastic about all things literary, they made the atmosphere feel downright tropical. 

Add to that the electricity of the New York scene — history, art, architecture, and friendliness of people on the street (yes, friendliness, despite what you may have heard) — how could I ask for more? I hit the keyboard this morning with renewed energy, and had a great writing day.