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I’m involved in a research

10/31/07 — I’m involved in a research project this evening, on which type of goodie is the most popular among Halloween trick-or-treaters. So far anything chocolate is the clear leader. I, of course, have sampled all that I’m offering, twice. No, actually, make that three times. Gotta be sure I’m handing out a quality product.

Two brothers just left my porch. The oldest, probably a first grader, was all decked out as a fisherman, complete with rod and reel, rubber waders, and a floppy-brimmed hat. When I commented on what a nice costume he had, he said, “Yeah, and I caught a turtle!”

As if on cue, his little brother, who had been standing quietly in the background, stepped out and boldly announced, “That’s me!” Sure enough, he was sporting a fantastic homemade turtle outfit.

Anybody that makes me laugh gets an extra treat.

I’ve written about Halloween before, in my novel ATTACK OF THE MUTANT UNDERWEAR. Had a great time creating that scene. My wife, Debbie, thinks I should revisit the holiday, this time in picture book form. Food for thought. Chocolate food, no doubt . . .

Happy Halloween!