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I’m working these days with

9/12/07 — I’m working these days with fine sandpaper. By that I mean that the changes to STORM MOUNTAIN are getting smaller, more in the realm of finishing touches.

Well, actually that might be a bit of an exaggeration, giving the impression that I’m almost done. Not by a long shot. There is still a lot of work to do. Yes, the plot is in place, and the action feels generally right, as do the characters. But there is dialogue to add or cut, description needed here and there, and always the flow of language to tinker with. Then there is also making sure that I haven’t left any telling details out.

All of which is a fun process, but one that often feels agonizingly slow. Still, I’ve been down this road many times and take comfort in knowing that I may not be a brilliant writer, but I’m a stubborn one. Give me enough time and I’ll give back my best. Which is the most anyone can ask of themself.