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It’s Saturday in Norman,

11/10/07 — It’s Saturday in Norman, Oklahoma, and I’m halfway through a two-week stint of school visits here. Wonderful experience so far — fun kids, dedicated teachers and librarians. To top it off, I’ve been getting lots of ideas to jot down in my little notebook. My favorite so far came from a 4th grader who told me all about the on-going”concoction contest” he and his friends are having in the cafeteria. The rules, as I understand them, are simple: take whatever you’re having for lunch and mix it up to create the weirdest “concoction” possible. Then eat/drink it. The front runner so far is milk, Dr Pepper, and mashed grapes, although the mashed potato and ketchup sandwich got high marks, too. Think that could be developed into a fun scene, or subplot, in a future novel? Me too!