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Just back from a wonderful

9/8/09 — Just back from a wonderful Labor Day weekend of rock climbing with family at Smith Rock State Park in the central Oregon desert.

Climbing is one of my favorite sports. I love the physical nature of it, and the intimate connection with the stone. Different in almost every way from writing — where I’m indoors, in my office, inside my head in a fictional world — it also recharges my batteries for work.

Although lots of fun, climbing is also very challenging, which I savor. Of particular inspiration to me at Smith Rock was watching my daughter Amy’s boyfriend, Alex, climb. He was born with only one arm, and yet managed to scale routes that give people with two hands second thoughts. He did it with a big smile and completely positive attitude, too.

Next time I find myself with writer’s block, I’ll remember Alex’s can-do mindset and figure out a way to keep climbing.