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Last May I spoke at the

3/8/10 — Last May I spoke at the International School of Curitiba in Brazil. It was a short trip — only 48 hours in the country — but a great experience. Now, ten months later, I’ve heard from one of the students there, Lucas. He wrote:

"When you visited our school I didn’t talk to you, but I watched your presentation about your books. I wasn’t very interested in what you were talking about, but since the moment you said that when you were younger you didn’t want to become a writer but a basketball player you caught my attention. I’m a basketball player and I want to become a professional basketball player. So, after that you gave some tips about writing, and the one I learned was to write all the ideas that come from your mind first and then worry about commas, spelling etc. Now in school I’m being way more successful with my writing assignments."

That’s how it is with teaching; you often don’t see or hear about the fruits of your labor until later, if at all. Nice to get the good news. Thanks, Lucas!