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More great school visits last week

10/29/07 — More great school visits last week — this time in La Grande, Oregon. Fantastic kids and educators all around. Anyone who says there are no good things happening in schools today has their head in the sand.

I drove instead of my usual flying routine. It’s 350 miles from my home in Corvallis all the way across the state to La Grande. On the road I was reminded once again of the beauty of place (if you’ve never been to Oregon, make plans), and the power it holds in our lives. We are all affected by our surroundings, be it close-up urban energy, or wide-open spaces.

I made a mental note to give special attention to the setting in STORM MOUNTAIN when I returned home, and am working on it today. This doesn’t mean going on and on with long descriptive passages. That will turn the reader off in a hurry. Judicious use of detail is the key. Hopefully, I’ll find just the right balance . . .