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My son-in-law, Alex, and I

9/12/11 — My son-in-law, Alex, and I ran the Warriors Dash yesterday, a 5K through the Western Oregon woods with 14 obstacles. There was lots of climbing over and under things, but the highlight was hurdling the fires . . .

. . . and then wallowing through the mud pit.

But, as with many stories, there was a complication. As I was passing some slower runners at about mile 2, I stepped in a hole and rolled my ankle. There was a crunching sound, but it didn’t hurt too bad, so I continued on to the finish. Where I came in second in my age division! (True, there were only twelve 60-65 year-old guys like me out there, but it just goes to show you that — as with writing — a large part of success is just showing up and keeping at it.) Today, though, the swelling in my fight foot finally prompted me to go to Immediate Care. After x-rays, one doc pronounced that I’ve got a hairline fracture, but another said it’s only a bad sprain. Either way I’m on the couch with my foot on a pillow for a couple of days. Just the excuse I need to get lots of  writing done!