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Outside In

I’m in North Platte, NE for author visits in schools. At the moment, though, it’s evening and I’m sitting on the bed in room 215 of the Days Inn, propped up by three pillows and in awe, having just finished reading OUTSIDE IN by Sarah Ellis. To say that I love this book is a gross understatement. This is one of the most perfect novels I’ve ever read, no exaggeration. It’s all there: compelling concept, complex character development, intricate and surprising plot, vibrant setting, perfect pitch dialogue, laugh-out-loud humor mixed with irony and poignancy, not to mention rich subtextual social commentary. And the language! Unrelenting, inventive beauty that delights but at the same time doesn’t take away from the story. I’d go on, but instead I want to go back and randomly dip into OUTSIDE IN — flip here, stab there — and marvel at how Sarah wove this all together in such a magical way. My hat is off to her. I bow in her honor. Right here on the bed in room 215. Bravo!

Do you get the feeling that I am recommending that you read this book? Yeah, kinda . . . 🙂