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Pavlov’s Dog

Okay, so this was the riddle I made up:

“What can walk for hours—constant forward momentum, one foot in front of the other, right-left-right-left—yet go nowhere and at the same time go anywhere imaginable?”

I thought it was pretty clever, and posted it. Within seconds two people had solved it. Since then, several more have done the same. (Yes, the answer is a novelist on a treadmill desk.) The takeaway is clear: Stick to fiction, Tom, riddles are not your thing.

However, writing on a treadmill desk IS my thing. I’ve been doing it for eight years now (thanks, Joe McGee for alerting me to the possibility!), and can’t imagine going back to sitting at a desk while I type away. Any fears I had of falling face-first into the keyboard, or forgetting what I was doing and flying off the back vanished almost immediately. Ten minutes of thinking “Wow, I’m writing and walking at the same time!” were quickly replaced by . . . well, just writing. It’s become Pavlovian in a way. I fire up the treadmill desk, hop on, and start salivating words.

What do you think, maybe I should title my next novel DROOL?