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Crevasse Adventure

8/3/07 — Photos below are from the previously mentioned crevasse adventure on Mt. Hood, the purpose of which — besides a fun day in the high country — was to help me with the crevasse rescue scenes in my book, STORM MOUNTAIN.

The White River Glacier up ahead. Notice monster crevasse in the top center of the photo, below the summit ridge.

Here tis, big enough to hold mutlitple school buses!

Looking down at yours truly after I rappeled 40+ feet into the crevasse. The word “awesome” gets overused a lot — as in, “Awesome sandwich, Jared!” — but here the vibrant blue of the ice and the overall scale of this giant fissure makes it seem appropriate.

Ascending the rope using friction knots. Getting over the overhanging lip of the crevasse was VERY hard. Think that’s going to work it’s way into STORM MOUNTAIN? Of course!

Me, glad to be on “solid” ground once again, but pumped by the beauty of the ice river and my trip into the “belly of the dragon.” Plus, we then skied all the way back to Timberline Lodge. Ah, summer in Oregon!