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Recently I’ve had more issues

11/4/08 — Recently I’ve had more issues with the internet plaguing me: web site hosting, software, and email. Don’t you just love technology? Actually, I do enjoy the pleasures of working on a computer, and doing research on the Web, and being able to communicate so easily with readers and educators from all over the world. If you are having trouble getting in touch with me (ie I’m not responding to an email), try again, or give be a call at 541-602-5755.

In other news, I’m progressing with the initial prewriting process for the sequel to ATTACK OF THE MUTANT UNDERWEAR. Lots of thinking to do regarding plot and character.

And title. Initially, I was thinking RETURN OF THE MUTANT UNDERWEAR, but now am considering ATTACK OF THE MUTANT UNDERWEAR: TAKE TWO. Which relates to the plotline. (Can’t tell you how, though, as it would ruin the ending.) And anyway, the title issue will remain open until the book is done. I keep a piece of paper on my desk and add title ideas as they occur to me. Mostly, they come from the text itself, but you never know. Time will tell . . .