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Rewarded myself for finishing

10/16/08 — Rewarded myself for finishing STORM MOUNTAIN with a trip to the Cascades for a bit of rock climbing, a ten-pitch (10 rope length) route called The Peregrine Traverse (see photo below of me leading pitch 4).

Weather was great, so no “Storm Mountain” experience. I had a challenging-but-wonderful day on rock with solid partners (a must). No problems until back at camp, when a buddy accidentally spilled boiling water on my ankle. It blistered within seconds, and ached for much longer. Life. You never know when it’s going to sneak up on you and let you have it.

Still, and we got in a 19-mile mountain bike ride the following day. I came home tired, but ready to start my next book, a sequel to ATTACK OF THE MUTANT UNDERWEAR, tentatively titled RETURN OF THE MUTANT UNDERWEAR. Talk about a change of subject matter from STORM MOUNTAIN!