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Software issues have kept me

1/24/12 — Software issues have kept me from posting recently, but have now been resolved. Whew! I’m back, both figuratively and literally — back to blogging, and back in Oregon after an intense and stimulating ten-day residency at the Vermont College of Fine Arts — VCFA –where I am on the faculty of the Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing for children and young adults.

Once again I was reminded of the power of  community. Lectures, workshops, readings, discussions over dinner, breakfast, lunch — the stimulation was non-stop from the time I got up in the morning until I collapsed in bed at night. I am still saturated, but also recharged, and loving it.

If you are feeling lost and alone in front of your keyboard, clicking away in a corner, I suggest getting out and finding a community, too. Of course I recommend VCFA. It is a great program. But if that’s not a possibility for you, do a bit of detective work. My guess is that somewhere nearby there are writers that would welcome you into the fold, saturate and recharge you. You’ll love it.