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Stories that last

Last night Debbie and I celebrated the 48th anniversary of our first date. It was 1973, and we were both students at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. We hoofed it up the hill to campus to hear the Preservation Hall Jazz Band perform. The music was full of history, and emotion, and energy. It was impossible to just sit and listen; we had to dance.

On the way back down the hill, we climbed a tree, then played in the carpet of leaves under it. I think we both knew at the time that there was more to the evening than a date. The connection was tangible, and powerful. And, as it turns out, lasting. Still, who knew that 48 years later we’d still be dating! As they say in Kentucky, “Well, thats a who’d-a-thought-it!”

P.S. There are thousands of stories out there about the beginnings of relationships, first dates, cinematic moments complete with romantic soundtrack, the euphoria of budding love. This story is offered in homage to that “chocolate phase,” but also to the work that is required to make relationships last.