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3/28/11 — Technical problems resolved! Again. I hope. Time, as they say, will tell . . .

I’m in Bowling Green, KY for a week of author visits. Today was Bristow Elementary. Great day with the kids. And the teachers. During the staff lunch in the library one teacher told of her brother, who decided it would be fun to play with the fish while he was taking a bath, and so dumped them all out of the aquarium into the tub. Kentuckians love to tell stories, and do it with flare. I expect I’ll be scribbling ideas in my writer’s notebook many more times before I leave the Bluegrass State.

Afterwards, the sun was shining and the dogwoods in bloom, so I went for a ten mile run around town. Since I graduated from college here at Western Kentucky University (twice), it was a run down memory lane: the familiar buildings of campus, my old apartment on 12th Avenue, the house where my wife grew up. (I met Debbie, the love of my life, here in Warren County; in May we celebrate our 37th anniversary.) Although my legs grew tired, the scenery — and great memories — kept me going.