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The last few days I’ve been at work

2/28/07 — The last few days I’ve been at work on what is generally referred to as “promotion.” For me this means designing a mailer that officially announces the publication of my new novel, A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK. (I know, I know, it’s been out since October. But, hey, better late than never, right?) Also, I’m working on plans to update this web site, make it a bit more jazzy, interactive, etc. Stay tuned.

Today all writing and promotion are put aside, though. I’m off to Ashland, Oregon with the Corvallis High School Ski Team for the Oregon State Alpine Championships. My daughter, Amy, is a senior, and would normally be racing. (She’s very fast, much faster than her dad.) However, she got a stress fracture in her left femur this fall running cross country and hasn’t been able to ski at all this winter. Still, she is going to State to cheer on her teammates. Tough kid, making the best out of a bad turn of events. Just like a character in a story. Art, as they say, really does imitate life. All you writers out there, keep your eyes peeled. Inspiration may be sitting right across the table from you . . .