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The Science of Well-Being

Writing fiction is grounded in exploring the complexities of the story’s characters — their wants, underlying needs, how their minds work, and the resulting behaviors. In that vein, I recommend the excellent online class that’s being offered through Yale University: The Science of Well-Being, taught by Professor Laurie Santos.

The course can be taken for credit for a small fee, or audited at no charge. (That’s right, your balance will be $0.00. What a deal!) It is accessible any time, and you are free to go through it at your own pace. If you don’t want to invest time in all of the readings and assignments, the video recordings alone of her lectures are outstanding. Laurie Santos is warm, funny, and super knowledgable. Learn more about what makes your characters tick, and in the process — if you’re like me — gain insight into your own mind as well. So worth the time!