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The window of opportunity

8/23/11 — The window of opportunity for summer fun in the Oregon Cascades has been narrow this year, what with the giant lingering snowpack from last winter. So, instead of grousing about snow covered trails and hordes of mosquitos, we went skiing on Mt. Hood’s Zigzag Glacier, then went to the desert for some climbing at Smith Rock, and capped it off with hiking in the deep gorges of the remote Steens Mountains of  Eastern Oregon.

Now back in Corvallis, I’m clearing my desk of weeks of mail, notes, and To Do lists, and getting refocused on my writing. Boy, does it feel good! Which, for me, raises the question: How do you live life to the fullest, and also get your creative work done? Twenty-six years of being a published author and you’d think I’d have this figured out.