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THERE IS NO MAP FOR THIS is off to the printer, and scheduled for publication October 1. However, preorders are now being accepted at your favorite bookseller (print or ebook edition), and help boost the book. Please consider lending a hand. Thank you! In the meantime, here’s a teaser:

Slowly Ren inches ahead of FedEx. By the time he’s out front and cutting back into the righthand lane, he’s doing 95.

            No, more like 98. 

           On one level, Ren is filled with a strange mix of amazement and pride that Indie will go this fast. On another, the front end is starting to shimmy as if the whole car is about to shake itself loose and explode into a thousand pieces.

Ren’s heart thrums in his chest. Reason shouts at him to let up…. 

         But for this moment he doesn’t care. Bombing down Highway 20 at—oh, man, Indie just hit 100—he is finally in charge.

         Immortal, invulnerable, RENovated.

Seventeen-year-old Ren Adams feels lucky to be living with his brother, Levi, and Levi’s girlfriend, Ellie. Even if Levi and Ellie insist on trying to RENovate him, make him push his limits, live up to his potential – “man up” …whatever that means.

Ren does his best to keep up — until Levi is killed in an avalanche during one of their follow-the-leader dares. Overcome with grief, Ren is unmoored, while Ellie embraces new risks and adventures, and tries to pull Ren into her orbit. He cannot resist her wattage, and when she comes to his bed one night, he stops trying. 

The next morning, Ellie has disappeared. Ren throws himself into full Ren-to-the-rescue mode — out of love, brotherly loyalty, guilt, or grief? He doesn’t quite know. His search is by turns enlightening and reckless, as he discovers that there is no map for becoming a man.

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