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Those of you who teach know

3/12/10 — Those of you who teach know that spring is the season when you can really start to see the gains kids have made over the course of the school year. Today I heard from a teacher in the midwest who tells me I had at least a little something to do one of her student’s academic growth in writing.

"You made a visit to our school last fall and I just wanted to let you know what a difference you have made for one of my students! Ethan is in my language arts class except when he goes to the resource room for a little additional support. Writing has been a challenge for Ethan – forming ideas, organizing thoughts and a basic shutdown. This then led to behavior issues and a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde change in Ethan went into effect!"

I know the feeling. I was a bit of a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde kid myself. She goes on . . .

"Ethan happened to sit next to me during your wonderful presentation to our school. When you made the comment that you did not like to write when you were young, he turned to me and said, ‘He is just like me!’ Ethan has now become one of the top writers in my class and I wanted to thank you. He now believes in himself and his behavior has turned around too."

How cool is that? Go, Ethan!