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Typing a bit slowly today, as

10/27/09 — Typing a bit slowly today, as my right arm is in a sling. Yesterday’s shoulder surgery went well, but the doc found more damage than predicted: torn rotator cuff in two places, and a torn bicep tendon, as well as the suspected labral damage. So instead of the hoped for 6 weeks recovery, it will probably be more like 6 months. Of course I’m disappointed — there goes most of ski season, not to mention indoor gym climbing this winter — but I should eventually recover 100% and be having even more fun come spring. I’m grateful for that and the fantastic care I got at Good Samaritan Hospital here in Corvallis. In the meantime I can still have fun doing author visits in schools (next stop Lincoln, NE), and get lots of writing done, even if it is kinda slow.