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Writing Ritual

By definition, doing something requires first getting started—no start, no do. Which sounds simple enough—just take the first step and then keep on walking; just type the first word and then keep on writing.

But for me that’s often easier said than done. Even as I approach 40 years of writing, I still find it hard some days to get out of the gate.

Enter ritual—defined as a fixed sequence of behaviors that are infused with meaning—to get focused, and get going. My writing ritual is as follows:

  1. Clear and organize my work space. (Call me a neatnik, but I can’t help it, clutter nags at me.)
  2. Fire up the treadmill desk, ready to roll. (I work much better when not seated, and in motion.)
  3. Cue up the playlist. (Currently it’s mostly instrumental baroque, on the mellow side.)
  4. Meditate for 5 minutes on my intention (meeting my writing goal for the day), and visualize success. (You got this, Tom!)

Then, and only then, do I begin. Works (most of the time) for me. How about you? Got a ritual that gets the wheels turning?