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Writing takes commitment,

1/25/07 — Writing takes commitment, perseverance, and lots of time. It is not about strolling in spring meadows, or lolling about in the shade of an apple tree waiting for a brilliant idea. It is about sitting in front of the computer for hours, struggling to make a scene work, a character believable, a setting come to life, dialogue sound less wooden. It is about eye-straining, neck aching, head-pounding work, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That being said, sometimes life does interfere with getting writing done, and today is a good example. Two weeks ago, in a typical rushed, numbskull move, I cut both of my thumbs pretty badly, necessitating a trip to the doctor for stitches. Since then one thumb has healed fine, but the other has not and woke me last night with its throbbing. So I’m off to the doctor’s office to see what’s up, and must put off STORM MOUNTAIN until later. Who knows, though, maybe this detour will result in a future scene in a story. As a writer, it’s important to always keep your antennae up and be on the lookout for ideas. Experience is the best source of inspiration.

And yes, typing with one thumb held away from the keyboard is a challenge. Thank goodness I’ve got two!